Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Saturday was Ryan's 26th birthday! We celebrated his birthday last Thursday night with some friends and my mom. My parents and I went in on a softball bat for his birthday present and he also got a really nice dutch oven and carry bag from his parents. All in all he got everything that he asked for and more! He was soooo excited about the softball bat and is very anxious for softball season to start! He is such a great husband and dad and we couldn't ask for anyone better, we love you Ryan! You are the best!

Oh and yes that is Christmas wrapping paper on his present, for some reason my roll of birthday wrapping paper is missing :o)


The Olson's in Idaho said...

Tell Ryan that we said Happy Birthday! I'm glad that everything is going well! Love Ya Jessi

The Gifford Family said...

bro, happy birthday. I hope you hit tons of sweet homeruns with your new bat.