Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Idaho Here We Come!

Whew! Vacation is finally here! We are so excited and have been sooooo busy the last few days. We have been looking forward to this upcoming vacation for a long time and now it is finally here! Ryan gets to go to Alaska with his dad for a fishing trip for a whole week. He is so excited and desprately needs a vacation. Ryan's sister Stacie and her girls flew in from North Carolina yesterday and have been staying with us until we leave for Idaho tonight. It has been so much fun seeing them, Emma sure loves her cousins. They are all so cute together, we sure have missed them!
One quick story of our last few busy days. So yesterday I was able to go with my Activity Day girls to an all day camp. It was so very hot but the girls really had a lot of fun. I was not excited to go being so pregnant and in the heat all day but it turned out really great. One of the activities they do is learning how to row a boat. Well, I figured this year I could convince one of the staff members there to get on the boat in my place. WRONG. The 16 year old girl flat out refused to get on the boat because she, "didn't want to." I clearly pointed out my lovely belly and asked her to go in my place, but she wouldn't. Okay I thought, I can make this work without being too embarrased right? Let me just tell you, the nice teenage boys there told me they didn't know if they could find a life jacket that would fit me. Hah, if that didn't make me feel better they finally found one and then had to lift me in and out of the boat. I really didn't feel that huge before but after the ordeal I felt VERY large! The other leader there took some pictures of me and let me tell you how absolutely embarrasing it was! Even after I got off the boat I had to have my activiy day girls put my shoes on and tie them for me because I couldn't bend over to do it myself. Awesome! Everyone there commented that they could pass that off as a service projest :o) Ryan thought I was a little pathetic not wanting to get on the boat when I told him the story, but when I showed him the pictures all he could do was laugh! Stinker! The best part of the whole thing was even with me in the boat our boat picked up the most balls in the water!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Potty Wars

So I love my little Emma but somedays I go crazy. She has been potty trained for a while now but every once in a while it seems like she decides she doesn't want to use the bathroom, like today. We have seriously gone through EVERY pair of underwear she owns because she "forgot" to go to the bathroom. We now have no more clean underwear so she is now in a pull up, which is usually a fight to get her to wear, but she gladly put one on today. Aargg! What is the deal?

I forgot to post the following story a while ago but in light of today I will share with you a day in the life of Emma.

As I was cleaning out the "catch-all" room to prepare for the baby, I was DI-ing several old stuffed animals. They were in a plastic bin in the corner of the room. As I preceeded to pull the stuffed animals out I noticed that they were all wet, not stinky, just wet. Hmmm I thought, Emma must have spilled a sippy cup of water into the bin, oh well :o) they'll wash. As I took the bin into the bathroom to clean out, my darling little Emma came in and announced, "Who peed in there mom?" Choke, cough, gag..."What!?!" I exclaimed. NEVER did it cross my mind that she would have peed in the bin, but why would she ask if she had..... so I asked, "Did you pee in there?" Emma replied, "Yeah" and then shrugged her shoulders like, no big deal mom. Me: "Why..WHEN did you pee in there!?" Emma: "When friend Elise came over and we played." As I thought of the last time her friend had come over I realized that this was over 3 weeks ago! I had checked on them and they were playing nicely but Emma had wet pants, but there was no wet spot on the floor, so I assumed that I had caught her before she emptied her whole bladder on the floor. WRONG, she just sat on the stuffed animals in the bin, did her business then continued playing. So needless to say, the stuffed animals didn't go to the DI, they went in the garbage and we had a LONG talk about peeing in the toilet NOT other places. My favorite part of the whole thing was Emma's reply when I asked her again why she peed in the bin, "Cuz I was just playin'." Such a three year old answer, gotta love it :o)

Monday, June 2, 2008

A Whole New World!

Emma LOVES to sing! Here is a video of her singing "A Whole New World." She was a little distracted by her wand so I will have to get a better one. This one is pretty cute though!

9 weeks to go!

I love being down to the single digit countdown! My last doctor's appointment was last Thursday and everything looks great. She is measuring at 2 lbs 11 oz and is very healthy, which is great. Trying to get a decent 3-D picture of this one is a joke. Her hand is always in her mouth, arms crossed in front of her face, along with her legs crossed in front of her face as well. Maybe next time! I am very grateful she has settled head down finally though, I was a little worried. Between the very painful Braxton Hicks, a yucky cold Emma and I have, and swelled feet, I am doing great! No, I really am doing great, just some days I enjoy being pregnant more than others. Emma has been very helpful getting the babies room ready. I love how excited she is to have a little sister and always wants to help. She really is going to be such a big help and I am so excited for when they get to meet for the first time! Next appointment is in 2 weeks, yeah!


Ryan started training to run the 5k in Rexburg for the 4th of July a few weeks ago. He also started an Herbalife program and has lost around 15 lbs and several inches in 3 weeks! I am so proud of him! He has done so well and is very dedicated to his routine which is great. I am so grateful for such an amazing husband who works so hard to provide for our family. He is such a great example to me in his church calling and is always willing to help anyone in need. Way to go babe!

Happy Birthday Emma!

Emma turned 3 years old May 27th and is such a big girl! Where did the time go? She is such a sweetheart and we sure do love her. She was so lucky to have 2 birthday parties: one with her friends and one with her family! And boy was she spoiled! We had a wonderful Memorial Weekend up in Idaho. We were able to see Prince Caspian and Emma loved it. Almost every Sunday afternoon, Emma and daddy watch Narnia 1 (as Emma calls it) and it has become one of her favorite shows. She was so excited to see "Narnia 2" and it was a great movie! We had so much fun in Idaho and as always, hate to come home. We sure do love our families and have so much fun with them. Our next visit will be the end of June/first of July to spend time with the Giffords. Yeah! I will be 35-36 weeks pregnant so that will be our last visit to Idaho until after the baby is born, wow! Emma and her friend Elise's princess cakes Emma and her friends! Her new fishing vest (one of many presents!) Thank you everyone!

Emma testing the water hose at G & G Erickson's house.