Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No More House :o(

Oh where do I begin? We decided to back out of the contract we had on the house yesterday. We are so very sad, frustrated, and disappointed. There were so many red flags that have come up since last Wednesday (after we had waited 5 months and finally gone under contract). We had an inspection done on the house and there were several things wrong that we didn't have the money to fix. Plus the sellers were refusing to cooperate after we started asking questions about the problems in the house (red flag). Then there were zoning problems with the house so we would have to bend a lot to get an FHA loan. When and if we were approved who knows if we would ever be able to sell it, so we decided to back out. Plus the appraisal came back really low, which wasn't very helpful. All in all, we know this is what we we're supposed to do but now we are stuck renting until next year, and until we can save enough money to possible try and buy a house again. I really loved that house but there was no way we would ever be able to sell it in the future and not lose a lot of money. The most frustrating parts of this whole ordeal is the money we spent on the house, not being able to get any of it back, and the time we have spent waiting for this particular house. We were able to get our earnest money back but all the money on everything else is gone. We do know that there is some reason this house didn't work out and hopefully it because there is something better out there!

What we are looking forward to: Sofie's 1st birthday this weekend!
What I am not looking forward to: Un-packing boxes in the same place :o(

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's a........

We went to the doctor today and we got to see our new little GIRL! Yep, another girl. We were excited, well I guess everyone except for Emma (well and Ryan). Oh was she disappointed. She really wanted a baby brother, but she is going to have to wait until next time for that one! She cried right there in the doctor's office, "I don't want any more sisters" (is Sofie really that bad?) Funny girl. I cheered her up by telling her that she gets to help pick out a girl name, it seemed to work for now. I also told her that her cousin Jaynie has 3 little sisters and they have a lot of fun, she smiled at that :o) We are super excited to welcome the newest little GIRL around January 1st!

*We also got the house! We are working on all the paperwork and finalizing everything now. We are hoping to move around the 8th of August! Yay!

Friday, July 10, 2009


We are back from vacation! We had a very busy month and had so much fun visiting family. We first had a family reunion then we stayed in Idaho for 10 days! It is always so hard to come home. I have pictures and more of our vacation to come. Stay tuned :o)


We are STILL waiting to hear back on the house in Brigham City that we put an offer on 3 1/2 months ago. It is taking such a long time and we are so frustrated, but it is a perfect home for us, so we are still waiting. We really hope to go under contract today or early next week, but who knows. We have been waiting for 3 weeks just for the contract paperwork from their bank. We really hope to close by the end of July, wish us luck!

The kitchen

Walk out (unfinished) basement

Large (very unfinished) yard