Monday, April 20, 2009

Love Idaho!

Wow, I forget how quiet it is here in Idaho. I am so used to hearing police sirens every ten minutes. Last week it was a couple of gunshots. Awesome, so excited to move out of Ogden.

Apirl, Easter, House, and China!

What a good daddy :o)

Yes, she has a little patch of hair that I put into a ponytail, too cute :o)

Wow, I can't believe how fast time flies! This has been a crazy month and it is almost over. Emma and Sofie are growing like weeds. Emma has started to come out of the dramatic 3 year old phase and is more reasonable now. She is so cute and thoughtful. She absolutely loves Primary and is getting really good at saying prayers. She thinks really long and hard about what she wants to say, too cute. Sofie is such a sweet baby! She has her two bottom teeth and is crawling everywhere. I could watch her crawl and laugh all day long. She army crawls and is getting pretty fast. She has figured out that she can make it from room to room now and as soon as her little hands touch the kitchen floor she starts laughing and slapping the floor. Too cute. She sure is a mama's girl though, I secretly LOVE it!

Easter was great. We had a really nice family day. The Easter bunny visited us and Emma was super excited. I love seeing her face light up when she gets excited about something. The day before Easter we put an offer on a house in Brigham City which is about 30 minutes north of Ogden. As Ryan says, "it's as close to Rexburg as we can get in Utah." It is a really cute little house, upstairs is finished with a full daylight basement down that is just framed. We are super excited about it. The sellers accepted our offer today but since it is in a "short-sale" situation we won't know for sure if we get it until this next week.

Ryan had the opportunity to travel to China for work for 10 days. He flew out of SLC on Sunday and will fly home next Tuesday. It is a great opportunity for him and he is having a blast. The time change is pretty crazy. They are 14 hours ahead of us! I've talked to him a couple of times since he left and he is sending me pictures when he gets back to the hotel Tuesday night which is Tuesday morning for us. We sure miss him but are excited for his adventure! The girls and I came up to Idaho to visit while Ryan is in China, we are having fun visiting and enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather!

Oh yeah, I am such a slacker on blogging that I never blogged about Ryan's birthday earlier this month. We went to Kuna for Ryan's birthday (Conference weekend) and stayed with Ryan's sister and family, Kim and Sean. It was wonderful, mom and dad Erickson and Scott and Kylie were there too. Ryan had a great birthday! (Happy birthday babe, you are the best!) It was a great weekend except we sure missed Stacie, Whitney, and the girls! We are sooooo excited to see you guys in June and are counting down the days. Almost every morning when Emma wakes up she asks what day it is, followed by, "Is today when Jaynie, Lillie, Eliza and Adeline are coming to Idaho?" Super excited!

Carter and Emma had a great time!