Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Emma's 5th Birthday Cake: Princess Tiana

Wedding Cake in August, it was one of the best ones I've done! I hand made all of the flowers (except the stephanoitis and rose petals at the bottom). It turned out beautiful!

Friday, September 10, 2010

When I Grow Up.....

Sofie loves her big sister. She wants to be just like her. After Emma left for school the other day Sofie put on her sweater and stood in front of the door and said, "Cheese!" She wanted me to take a picture of her like I did Emma. Funny girl! For the past week she has consistently come to me and told me she needs to go potty. She will take her diaper off (whether I tell her or not) and will sit on her little potty and pee. She is so proud of herself. I thought it was good practice but really didn't want to potty train her right now. Emma was horrible to potty train so I wanted to wait a while with Sofie. Well this morning she refused to put on a diaper and has gone potty in the toilet consistently. She has only had one accident so far and I have only had to remind her a few times to go potty. Wow. She is awesome and such a big girl. We had Pop Tarts with breakfast this morning so after everytime she went potty she would ask for a pop tart. Funny girl. We ran out of Pop Tarts so we have now moved on to Skittles. Emma cries each time Sofie gets a Skittle so maybe this will help Emma remember to go to the bathroom too!

2nd Day of Kindergarten

Emma loves Kindergarten! I asked her a few questions about school:
What's your favorite part about Kindergarten?
"That we draw."

Do you like riding the bus?
"Yes, I like riding the bus because it's really fun"

What is your teacher's name and what is your most favorite thing about her?
"Mrs. Vance. I like her because she's really nice and I like that she gives us stamps on our papers when we finish them."

What have you learned in Kindergarten?
"We learned about fish and the Pledge of Allegiance and we learned the "3 Little Fishy" song."


Brinley has been crawling for a while now and she has a couple of favorite places.

#1 The magazine rack

#2 Under the table

" Look what I can do mom!"

"I think I'm stuck"

"Why are you still taking pictures of me? I can't get out!"

"You are so mean mom!"

Diaper Cream Anyone?

Brinley got into the diaper cream a few weeks ago and really enjoyed herself :o) "Somehow" the top of the diaper cream tub "just came off." I don't know who opened it for her, no one has fessed up yet. Oh the joys!