Thursday, May 22, 2008

Princess Birthday Party

Emma and her very best friend Elise have birthdays only a few days apart and have been secretly planning their party for months! Elise's mom and I decided to combine forces and have a little party for the both of them together. The girls were so excited! I was in charge of the cake and a little Bingo game. The cakes/cupcakes turned out really cute and they were so excited. I was worried about the Bingo game but it turned out really cute as well. I can't believe Emma is going to be three! She has grown up so fast and is such a sweetheart. At least once a day I randomly get a hug followed by, "I love you the mostest mom." She is one amazing little girl and is so excited to be a big sister. I have started to hide some of the baby clothes because Emma thinks her "baby sister (doll)" needs her bum changed and a new outfit all the time! What a good little mommy. She is going to be such a big helper when the baby comes and I am so excited to see her with her new sister! We love you Emma! We are headed to Idaho this weekend for Memorial Day and Emma's birthday so I will post pictures when we are back!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Wow, where do I start? The last few weeks have been CRAZY and so much fun! We have been so busy which indicates SUMMER is here! Ryan is keeping really busy with his calling, he is always out cleaning yards or visiting families, he really goes the extra mile. The Saturday before Mother's Day I had a Strawberry Freezer Jam making fest. I made 14 lbs of Strawberries into Freezer Jam, and it is sooooo yummy. There is hardly any room left in my freezer but it is already going fast! Mother's Day was wonderful, as usual :o). I bought myself some much needed maternity shirts and LOVE them! (Downeast Outfitters is great!) Last Monday night we met my mom in McCammon so that Emma and I could ride with them to Vancouver, Washington to visit my sister and her family! Let me just say riding in a car being 7 months pregnant entertaining a 3 year old for 12 hours is not my idea of fun! It is beautiful in Vancouver and we had so much fun. We played at the park, went swimming, played at Chucky Cheese, and visited the Oregon Coast, all in 3 days! We visited Cannon Beach and got to see the Haystack rocks. Ryan was super jealous because this is where the movie "Goonies" was filmed. Ryan is a die hard Goonies fan! It was a quick trip but it was wonderful to see Shantel, Bryce, and Zoey! Emma loved playing with her cousin, and was sad to leave. Hopefully we will get to see them in August so Zoey can meet her new cousin! I have many pictures that I am still trying to go through so I will post them later.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Baby Update

Last Thursday was my 26 week checkup and everything looks great! The little one measures right where she should be and is a whopping 1 lb 15oz. I think we'll let her stay in there a little longer. My doctor excitedly reminded me that I have one more 4 week apt. and then I am back to every other week. It must have been the fact that I was tired and hungry, (oh and pregnant) but I did not receive the news so warmly. I burst into tears and mumbled that I wasn't ready or something, and he kindly reminded me that I still have SEVERAL weeks to go and that he can wait until 33 weeks to start 2 week apts. I gathered myself (embarrassed) and shamefully replied, "no that's okay, I'll see you in 4 weeks." It seems like I just "graduated" to 4 week apts and now I am already back to 2 week appointments. You would think I would be jumping for joy, and I am now:o)! I am just going to chalk that one up to wonderful pregnancy hormones!