Thursday, May 22, 2008

Princess Birthday Party

Emma and her very best friend Elise have birthdays only a few days apart and have been secretly planning their party for months! Elise's mom and I decided to combine forces and have a little party for the both of them together. The girls were so excited! I was in charge of the cake and a little Bingo game. The cakes/cupcakes turned out really cute and they were so excited. I was worried about the Bingo game but it turned out really cute as well. I can't believe Emma is going to be three! She has grown up so fast and is such a sweetheart. At least once a day I randomly get a hug followed by, "I love you the mostest mom." She is one amazing little girl and is so excited to be a big sister. I have started to hide some of the baby clothes because Emma thinks her "baby sister (doll)" needs her bum changed and a new outfit all the time! What a good little mommy. She is going to be such a big helper when the baby comes and I am so excited to see her with her new sister! We love you Emma! We are headed to Idaho this weekend for Memorial Day and Emma's birthday so I will post pictures when we are back!