Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Emma's funny quotes

Mom: Look Emma it is snowing outside.
Emma: No it's not!
Mom: Yep it is snowing, look at the white flakes.
Emma: It's raining mom
Mom: No that is snow
Emma: It IS rain mom, cuz it is springtime. It's not snow.

Oh how I wish that were true, as soon as it was officially spring, no more snow!

(During bathtime)
Emma: (Looking at her stomach) My belly is all crunchy mom (breathing in and out)
Mom: All crunchy?
Emma: Yeah, look (pointing at her belly)
Mom: Why is it crunchy? (very confused)
Emma: Cuz look (pointing at all of the little blue veins in her stomach)
Mom: Ohhh (hmmm) those are called veins
Emma: Oh, they are crunchy
Mom: Okay? (Not sure how to clarify that conversation)


Harmon Family said...

I LOVE her conversations. They are always funny and maek me laugh. I miss you guys!!!

Bairds said...

Hey! We finally found your blog! Kaylee and I were excited to hear about your little one on the way. We finally started posting to ours again so hopefully there will be a little bit of an update.