Monday, April 7, 2008

Baby Update- Still a Girl!

Last Thursday was my Target Ultrasound and everything was great. In fact it was the coolest ultrasound I have EVER had! I couldn't believe how detailed this ultrasound tech was, it was amazing. Our little girl is perfect, and progressing right where she should be, except for the fact that she is breech right now. There is still plenty of time for her to turn so I am not worried, just having a hard time breathing with her little head wedged up in between my lungs! (Not to mention plenty of trips to the bathroom due to her feet comfortably resting on my bladder) During the ultrasound we couldn't get a very clear shot of her face because she had her thumb in her mouth the whole time, and when it would suddenly move out of her mouth she was frantically trying to suck on her arm until she could find her thumb again, so cute! I don't think I am going to have a problem with nursing, or bottles, or pacifiers, yay (I hope)! Emma was such a stubborn little baby and only liked mom, which was fine except mom was still in college full time which made for many dashes to grandma's house to feed her! During all of Emma's ultrasounds her tongue was always sticking out, and that was how she came out, tongue constantly out and moving a mile a minute! It has never stopped. Trying to nurse her was a trick, I would have to push and hold her tongue in her mouth and then take my finger out while trying to get her to latch on before her tongue was out again. So much fun. We are hoping this one will take a binkie to at least give mom a little break sometimes! We are sooo grateful everything is going well with this pregnancy and hope all continues to go well!

Here is a 3-D picture of her sucking her thumb.


Nicholas and Ashley said...

What a neat ultrasound. I always wanted a 3D but I never got one. She is not going to get mistaken for a boy is she? I cannot beleive how clear those pictures are. Very exciting. She will soon be here before you know it. Congratulations again, two girls are the best!!!

Amanda said...

yea i'm glad she is doing so well! I hope she nurses well for you.

Kacey, Jake, & Kody said...

Congrats on lil lady. I wish the best for you. I hate to hear about pregnancy struggles glad to hear everything is going well.!!!

Cisneros Family said...

Hi Starla! How are you feeling? It sounds like all is going good for you! I am so glad. Oh- tell Ryan Happy Birthday. (I never would have known, had it not been for blogging).
By the way- Sage was breech and never turned, but I'm sure your little girl will :)
Talk to you soon.

Shalee Mendenhall said...

I thought you guys were having a boy? I am way excited that its a girl. She can be good friends with ours! Congrats!