Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Jax is our little kitten, or should I say devil kitten. He is lucky to be alive most days! The little stinker loves to try and eat Bruce (our pet fish),chase Emma around the house until she is in tears, and he will bite anything the moves. If you could remove his teeth I am sure he would be a pleaseant little thing but until then, I can't stand him! We still squirt him with a water bottle but he LOVES water. I have to lock him out of the bathroom while showering because he jumps right in. Now that Emma is potty trained I have to remind her to close the lid for the very reason that the cat will jump in the toilet bowl, flushed or not! Jax does have his sweet moments otherwise I would have thrown him out the door!


Six-Pack Momma said...

If you ever decide you don't want him anymore (COMPLETELY UNDERSTANDABLE!!) Let me know! I have a friend who lost her kitten...Just in case....Hope he isn't too much of a stinker for ya! I know we have our moments here, too!