Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Disney Princess' on Ice!

As an early birthday present, we bought tickets to Disney Princess' on Ice! Emma was SOOOOOO excited! She dressed up in her cute little Cinderella outfit and was ready to go! She was so excited and had the hardest time staying still for just one picture. Grandma and Grandpa Skene joined us on this wonderful adventure! When we walked into the Energy Solutions Arena it took everything I had to not bawl, it was so amazing (I am pregnant so I cry at everything)! I couldn't believe all of the little girls all dressed up and the feeling in that arena, it was pure happiness! Emma was so occupied trying to say hi to all of her "friends" and pointing out every princess and their dress! We had such good seats and even Ryan was all smiles! The show started and it was amazing. Emma knew every princess before they even came out. The ice skaters were wonderful even if there were a few crashes! Lumiere (the candlestick) from Beauty and the Beast tipped over and couldn't get back up because of his costume! I tried so hard to get some good pictures but it was really hard so these are the best I have.

The dragon from Sleeping Beauty blew fire from his mouth and it scared Emma so bad! If you were to ask her what her favorite part from the show was now she would say, "the dragon blew fire from his mouth!"

If you ever have the chance to attend any Disney show on Ice you should go! It was so much fun and I loved watching the stars and amazement in Emma's eyes. We had so much fun!