Monday, February 11, 2008

My hubby!

What is his name? Ryan W. Erickson
How long have you been together? Married 4 years 2 months, engaged 4 1/2 months, dated.. about 3 weeks!
How old is he? 25 (almost 26!)
How old are you? 24
Who said "I love you" first? I did. Funny story.. We had decided that we were going to get married, prayed about it, told our parents about it, and Ryan took me back to my apartment and as I shut the door I said, "I love you." And of course he said I love you too, but it was funny because we had already decided to get married and knew we loved each other, but neither of us had said it yet.
Who is taller? Ryan is by 9 inches
Who sings better? I would have to say we are about even, neither of us are terrible but we aren't too good either.
What is his quilty pleasure? Fishing, hunting, and watching TV
Who is smarter? I feel like we are both equal, Ryan is better at numbers and business ideas, but I am better at rocks and health stuff. (Duh, obviously better at what we went to school for)
Who does the laundry? I do. I think Ryan has maybe put 2 or 3 loads in the washer in the four years we have been married. He does help fold and put away if I ask him. He also irons his shirts if he needs them ironed (I hate ironing!)
Who does the dishes? I did most of the time when we were first married but the past couple of years he helps every night.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Looking from the foot of the bed, Ryan sleeps on the right side. No reason, we just picked our sides and have stayed the same since.
Who drives? Ryan. If we are traveling long distance and I can see him struggling to stay awake, I beg him to let me drive so we don't wreck. I think the main reason for him driving all of the time is then he doesn't have to turn around to entertain Emma :)
Who pays the bills? I do, always have and always will. I have always done our taxes as well, but this year I became frustrated and told him he has to do them (they haven't been touched since)
Who mows the lawn? If we had a lawn I would hope that Ryan would mow the lawn, but I wouldn't mind if I wasn't pregnant.
Who cooks dinner? I do. I tried planning out meals so that he would cook once a week but that lasted about one week. He is a good helper keeping Emma out of the kitchen when he is home early. I would rather cook than entertain Emma (it's a good break). Ryan did "cook" dinner last night, corn dogs sounded really good for some reason (pregnancy thing I guess), so we looked up a corn batter recipe and fried up some homemade Corn Dogs (hot dogs were store bought of course) They were really good!
Who is more stubborn? I would have to say that is a tie. We both are pretty stubborn even though I probably stay stubborn longer.
Who kissed who first? Ryan kissed me first in front of my parent's garage while dropping me off during the summer.
Who asked who out? Uhmmm, neither. It was a blind date. A mutual friend, Nick Baldwin, set me up with one of Ryan's friend, Pete, and Pete cancelled at the last minute, so luckily Nick got a hold of Ryan, and it was history! Ryan didn't call me for 3 weeks after our "blind date" but he did ask me out again eventually!
Who proposed? Ryan did. We had been engaged for almost a month, had our temple date reserved, I had my dress and everything but still had no ring and "official" proposal. We ordered the ring from brother-in-law Whitney's dad and Ryan told me it wasn't going to be done for a few more weeks. I was pretty upset, but he tricked me and had my parents bring me back behind the "catwalk" (unless you are from Ririe it is really hard to explain:). It is a really pretty place behind my parent's house and the canal, and Ryan was back there in a suit with roses and the ring. I just remeber him shaking so bad that I had to get the ring out of the box to put on my finger because he would have dropped it in the brush, never to be seen again! It was a perfect proposal and he did an amazing job!
Who is more sensitive? Me.
Who has more friends? I would say we are even.
Who has more siblings? Ryan does, 3 sisters 1 brother. I have 1 sister and 1 brother.
Who wears the pants in the relationship? I would say that we both do. I am more bossy though.
What is your favorite thing about him? He is so patient with me. I think that is why we rarely argue. He has such a strong testimony and I am so greatful that he served a mission. I truly see how it has made him a great husband and father. I love watching him play with Emma, he is so cute. I am truly blessed to be married to such an amazing person and he makes me so happy! I love you babe!