Monday, February 25, 2008

Emma's new bed, Strep Throat, and visitors!

Last Monday we bought Emma a new bed! She was so excited, in fact, Emma informed all of the salesmen that her new baby was getting her old bed so she needed a new bed. They were kind of ignoring her so she continued to tell them over and over until they acknowledged her information. Pretty funny. She seems so tiny in her new bed, but it is perfect for her to grow in!
That same day Emma came down with a fever which continued to the next day. I decided to take her into the doctor's after she told me her ear had an owie in it. I figured it was another ear infection but we were wrong, ears looked fine but her throat was pretty red. The doctor did a strep test and it came back positive, she has strep throat! Poor girl, she was pretty miserable that night but has been fine ever since. She was happy with her special Dora popsicles to help her throat feel better. Ryan and I were sure we would come down with it, but so far so good! This was our first sickness this year, so hopefully it is a while before we have to visit the doctor again! We were also excited last Wednesday to have mom and dad Erickson come visit us for the day! Ryan gave them the VIP tour of Flying J which he was pretty excited about. It was so fun to visit with them, we sure miss them and can't wait to see them again!


Nicholas and Ashley said...

That is always so fun to get a new bed. I remember also how little Kate looked in hers when she moved into it. It makes them grow up fast. What a bad sickness to get, that is the worst having kids sick.