Friday, February 15, 2008

Daddy has a what!?

Our dear, sweet, smart little Emma says the darndest things! Anyone who spends time with her always leaves saying, "Wow, she really does talk a lot!" My response: yes she does! So yesterday while she was in the bathtub she pointed to herself (down there :) and asked: "What is that?"

Mom: Umm that is what a girl part looks like. (I know experts recommend teaching kids the proper names but if I taught Emma the proper names, every single stranger on the street would learn an unwanted anatomy lesson. So we stick with bum, girl and boy parts for now)
Emma: Oh. (I can see the information trying to process in her head)
Emma: Ummm, but...whats....
Mom: (Oh dear how do I explain this!?) Girls and mommies have girl parts and boys and daddys have boy parts. (There, enough said)
Emma: (Information still trying to process) Ohh.... so.........Daddy has a tail!
Mom: Ummmm....(what do I say!?) well....
Emma: Except not in the back, dust in the front!) (Information finally processed darn!)

Sorry for so much information :) but it was so funny. We stopped letting Emma see Daddy in the buff a LONG time ago, but obviously that little mind of hers remembered. How do you explain things like that to a very observational 2 almost 3 year old? So that was bath time yesterday, every day is such an adventure with her!


Reba said...

That's hilarious. Evie used to say stuff like that when she was Emma's age.

Kim and Sean West said...

Wow, what a fun thing for you to experience!! I miss you guys! I am glad to hear that everything is going well with the pregnancy. I am a slacker. I need to check your blog more often it looks like. I hope that all is well. Have a wonderful week. Love ya guys. Kim

Hayley said...

LOVE IT!! She is so much like Jared. That is so funny. I can't wait to tell Matt that he has a tail. So cute!!

Stacie said...

it's not a very long tail though.