Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Baby Update! / Emma's tantrums!

We had another doctors appointment last Thursday and everything still looks great! The little guy is measuring right where he should and I am finally starting to feel a little better. The doctor still has us convinced that it is a boy but we will know for "sure" (how can you ever know for sure?) next doctor's appointment. Since I am feeling better and everything is looking good we have moved up to 4 week apointments. I thought I would be super nervous not having an appointment every 2 weeks but we are relieved. It seems like now the pregnancy is going the way it should, therefore we don't have to come in every other week! I finally gave up my normal pants and have switched to maternity pants, not that I need them, they are just so much more comfortable. I can tell that I am starting to show but if you saw me on the street you probably wouldn't notice! Hopefully everything continues like it should and we will definitely keep everyone updated on the progress!
I think Emma is started to get that she is going to be a "big sister." She carries around her baby doll and says, "This is my baby sister, she's a boy!" Pretty cute! I told her the other day that the baby can hear what she is saying so she lifted up my shirt and laid her head on my belly amd sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. It was pretty cute. I keep reminding myself that she has her cute moments. She has hit a stage where she talks (yells) back at me whenever I ask her to do something. For example (this mornings dilema):
Mom: Emma can you pick up that toy amd put it in the basket please?
Emma: NNOO! I'm not gonna do it! I'm not being nice!
Mom: Emma, it isn't very nice to yell at Mommy. Will you please pick up the toy and put it away?
Emma: NNOOOO! I'm not do it!
Mom: You can either pick up the toy or sit in Time Out, what are you going to do?
Emma: I'm not sit in Time Out!
Mom: Well then you need to pick up the toy.
Emma: NOO!
Mom: Okay, Time Out then.
Emma: (Screaming) I'm being nice! I'm not gonna sit in time out! Don't touch my arm!
Mom: (Dragging her kicking and screaming to Time Out) Sit here for two minutes.
Emma: (Sobbing/screaming) I'm being nice!
Mom: (After sitting her back in Time out 10 times, she finally sits there for 2 whole minutes) Emma why did Mommy sit you in Time Out?
Emma: I was dust being nice and wanted to pick up the toy!

So at least Time Out accomplished something right? Right? Somedays we spend a lot of time in Time Out, others are our "Good Days." She has become very sassy and it drives me crazy! Are 3's really worse than 2's? I am beginning to think so, and we still have 3 months until she turns 3!