Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sofie Anne

Where do I begin with Sofie? She has turned into a little bully. Poor Emma gets smacked, bit, pinched, pulled to the floor by her hair, etc. by her little sister. I am not sure what to do with Sofie. She can be so sweet, and then without reason turn into a mean little thing. She is too smart for her own britches :o) I know a lot of it is her age and she is the younger sibling. Sofie is also a HUGE mommy's girl. She will climb over anything and anyone to get to me just so I will hold her. If I am not accessible she will scream (and I mean scream) until I hold her. (I am trying the, just let her scream b/c she needs to understand I can't hold her 24/7, especially when the baby comes, it's kinda working :o) She is in for a HUGE surprise when her new sister arrives, I can already hear the tantrum, awesome :o) Sofie is not a talker either. I have tried teaching her sign language for a while and she doesn't want anything to do with it. Screaming is her language :o)
Yesterday I went to check on the girls in the front room while I was cooking dinner. I walked in just as Sofie had gotten a hold of Emma's ear and her hair to yank her to the floor. Evidently Emma was "standing" in the wrong place. I quickly realeased her grip and set Sofie in "time out." Sofie screamed the entire time while I held Emma on the couch. I went back in to finish cooking and Emma followed me in and was sitting on the kitchen chair with her play broom. Sofie followed (calmed down from her earlier fit) and pulled Emma off the chair by her pants. Emma fell onto the broom and now has a pretty good sized bruise on the inside of her leg. I try telling Emma to stick up for herself, but I don't know what to say to her without telling her to fight back. I did watch Emma hit Sofie back the other day a couple of times. Sofie decided she didn't like that so she full on, both hands/arms swinging, attacked Emma. Sofie won again. Emma hasn't figured out that she is bigger than her sister. I guess I need to wait until she does, then maybe Sofie will leave her alone :o)


Chelsea Haight said...

That is a tough one you have there! She's at a hard age right now where she understands but doesn't, huh? Good luck trying to get her to be nicer. You don't want her hitting the new baby!

Cara said...

Your kids is so cute! I can't wait to see the newest one! Good luck with everything!