Thursday, December 17, 2009

First Snowfall (at the new house :o)

We had our first big snowfall a few days ago. Emma could not wait until she could go outside. Dad had to shovel 3 times that day (the joys of home ownership :o) and Emma wanted to "help." After shoveling they built a huge snowman. They had so much fun together. Dad even pulled her around the yard on the sled. What a good daddy!


Kim and Sean said...

looks like fun! We had a couple of days of snow, then rain so now it is all gone. :( bumber we tried to enjoy it while it was here! Your girls are growing it is so fun to see. I love that Sofie isn't as innocent as she looks!! I too am excited that you will be able to have the baby sooner! That will be so great. Hope everything goes well. I sent your christmas it should be there in the next day or two. Love you guys! Kim