Thursday, December 17, 2009

Emma Dawn

Emma is so much fun! She has her ups and downs like any other 4 year old girl :o) but she is growing up so fast. She is very excited to start school next year, and is always working on her letters and reading. She gets so excited when she figures out a word. I can't believe how fast time goes by. I on the other hand am terrified for her to go to school. It scares me to death, but she is so excited already. Maybe I just need more time to get excited for her to go :o)
Emma is such a good helper and is so excited for her new sister. She is always touching my belly and saying the baby kicked her (maybe it's because her other sister kicks her all the time)at least now she thinks it is cute :o) She is so smart and loves her Sunbeam class, I can't believe she is almost in CTR 5. Again, she is growing up too fast, but we love it. She loves her daddy and is so excited when he gets home (again, maybe it's because there are 2 referees home to keep Sofie away from her) Emma and dad went outside to build a snowman the other day and she had so much fun. She loves having a "new" room with a "huge closet" and is so sweet. I love being her mom! (I love being Sofie's mom too :o)


Lian said...

Do you do digital scrapbooking? This is such a beautiful picture of your daughter (and the one of Sophie too). It would make such a nice scrap. By the way, love the names.