Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here they are!

Saturday night we went and picked out our pumpkins (amidst a hail storm) to carve. I made homemade apple cider, cooked some Papa Murphy's pizza and we were off! Emma had so much fun cleaning out her pumpkin, and I was really surprised that it didn't gross her out. Every year while we lived in Idaho we spent a night with the Erickson clan carving pumpkins and Dad Erickson would judge whose was the best. So this year we want to be included in the contest. Ryan's pumpkin was the skull and mine was the cat and spider in the window. Ryan, Emma and I had so much fun carving our pumpkins (Emma painted her's)so you get to decide whose is the best.

My pumpkin is on the left, Ryan's on the right.

Mine, Emma's beautiful pumpkin, and Ryan's.

Emma cleaning out her pumpkin.

Emma called these her "pretty baby pumpkins."


Kim West said...

Sorry Ryan but I like Starla's the best! Yours is good, but starla's takes it! Love ya guys! Hope you got my new number!! Take care- Kim