Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Conference Weekend!

My parents came down to visit us for conference weekend. It was so much fun! We all had tickets for Saturday Morning Session, and despite leaving late, driving through the snow storm, waiting in line, waiting for Ryan and my Dad to catch up with us, we made it! My dad, brother, and I had never been to conference before, so it was a really neat experience. Ryan and I had tickets on the terrace smack dab in the middle, which was great and my parents and brother had tickets on the balcony way over in the corner :( After we arrived back at our place we had some more family come and visit. It was so much fun. I do have to give it up for my mom. She had had surgery on the bottom of her foot just 3 weeks before, and had to limp around everywhere. She was a trooper! Emma had so much fun with Grandma and Grandpa, but like always cried and cried when they had to leave Sunday. In fact, when Emma woke up monday morning she kept asking where Grandma was hiding. She is too cute! Thanks Mom, Dad, Luke, Jason, Tim, Sarah and baby Alison for visiting us! We miss you guys!