Friday, September 7, 2007

Camping Trip

Labor Day Weekend we went camping with the Ericksons up in Island Park. Our camping site was in Buffalo Campground Loop G. It was a perfect spot for everyone. First we stopped by Ryan's parent's house to load everything up. The guys were going to the National Wild Turkey Foundation Dinner so they were sending us women up to the camp site to set up camp. Well, as we were leaving it decided to rain, more of a downpour really and we still had to stop at the garage to pick up the drift boat, (much to our dislike). We pulled into the back of the dealership and Tami, Kim, and I jumped out to hook the boat up to the truck. Despite our cursing the guys for having us do this, we could not get the hitch to work. I had to wade across the parking lot to ask one of the shop workers to come help us. Luckily he did, poor guy! Of course it was something really simple that we weren't doing and he fixed it in 2 seconds and ran back in. It was a little too late for us women, we were soaked and not very happy but made it up to the camp spot. It took up a good couple of hours to dry off, so by the time the guys made it up there we were back in good spirits (lucky them!)
Saturday we decided to float Buffalo river. It was so much fun! Emma and Carter had a lot of fun in the boat with Grandma, Grandpa, and I (I got in half way down the river with my clothes on, I forgot to pack our swimming suits) We even floated with the kids in the tubes for a while. Carter did better than Emma in the water, Emma is kind of a chicken. The river was perfect, not too cold and very shallow! Despite me hitting a rock and having a huge bruise on my leg, I should have got in sooner. It was tons of fun!
Sunday Ryan and I were in charge of dinner, so we decided to go Venezuelan style. We cooked dutch oven pulled pork, arepas, empanadas, rice and even fried up some plantains. Grandma and Grandpa Cheney came up for dinner and to visit, it was a lot of fun. That night we went down to the river and caught some minnows. We put them in a plastic cup and then let them go. Later that night when Emma was going to bed she wanted a drink, so we gave her a plastic cup with some water (not the same cup as the fish), she looked in it, looked at us and said "no fish in there?" Ryan and I had a pretty good laugh. Of course we reassured her there were no fish in her cup of water!
Monday came way too fast! We packed everything up and arrived back in Rexburg around 10:30 am. We all headed for the showers and felt much better after we all weren't so stinky! It was fun visiting at Mom and Dad Erickson's and we were sad to go. On our way home we stopped at Mom and Dad Skene's in Ririe and had a good visit with them. We arrived back in Ogden around midnight with everything luckily in order! We had so much fun and really miss Idaho! These are just some of the fun pictures we captured while camping!


Meg Porter said...

Hi Starla- Grandma Cheney told me about your blog so I was excited to write and say hi. The camping trip looked like it was tons of fun. Tell Ryan hi for us.


Cisneros Family said...

Hi Starla and Ryan- Well, grams gave me your blog address as well. I wanted to say hi too. This a good way to keep in touch. Emma is gorgeous! Talk to you soon.