Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sofie Anne

My little baby is growing up so fast! Sofie is so stinkin cute and we sure do love her. She is crawling everywhere. For the first month and a half she army crawled but now she is on all fours just a cruisin'. She is pulling herself up and standing everywhere. It's crazy how big she grew overnight it seems. She is quite the mommy's girl and I love it! Sofie learned how to clap today and it is so cute. Here she is:


Julie said...

What a cutie! Wow!!

She's really got that clapping thing down--I'm impressed.

Harmon Family said...

That is the cutest video of her. I miss Sofie!!! And everyone else of course. I love how she does the pointer finger on everything. Zoey did that exact same thing but with her thumb. Sofie got so excited once she started clapping. Too Cute!!!