Thursday, May 21, 2009


A couple of weeks ago we went to a freinds house to play games. While us "responsible" adults were upstairs the kids were downstairs playing. There were 6 little girls downstairs between all of us. Well after we returned home from a great game night, one of the mommies called us. While putting her 3 year old to bed she had spilled the beans. They girls had gotten a hold of scissors and had cut each others hair! Emma swore up and down that her little friend Evie had cut all of their hair, that it was all Evie's idea and Emma didn't do anything (yeah right). A couple of days later at dinner Emma blurted out that she had cut Addison's hair (which was the worst of all of them, she had to have 8 inches cut off to even it out). We figured Emma thought she was safe because she had gotten in trouble a few days ago so she was out of the clear. Well, not so fast. The damage was pretty bad between the 4 of them. They had cut braids off, bangs, you name it they cut it. then they hid all of the hair and scissors in drawers. Funny kids! Here was Emma's hair the next day. (On the first pic: If you look at the left side of her head you can see the short pieces of hair that was cut)

Total hair lost: 3 inches from the bottom, and we left the short stuff!


Zach and Sara said...

This is so funny to me! I was one of those guilty children that did that with my cousins. I, unforunately, took the worst damage. Haven't had long hair since! Just kidding. Hope to see you guys this summer.