Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Aquarium

We decided to go to the Aquarium in Sandy on Saturday. It was so much fun, Emma absolutely loved it. I couldn't believe all of the different fish, corals, and undersea creatures they had. Emma's favorite parts were the jellyfish (she was very worried they were going to sting her "like they did Dory (Finding Nemo)" but after we reassured her they couldn't, she was fine), the shark tank, and the stingray touch pool. The touch pool was too deep for her to be able to touch them but mommy and daddy got to, it was pretty cool! I highly recommend it to anyone that is in the area!

I thought this was a really weird fish.

Too cute!


Zach and Sara said...

Oh, I'm so sad to hear that you guys were at the Aquarium. I live about 3 minutes from there. It would have been so good to see you guys. Maybe since Emma loved it so much you'll have to bring her back. If you do get in touch with us I could stop by. I remember seeing Emma at the reunion and just laughing at her because she was killing the ants with such intent...cute girl.