Thursday, July 17, 2008


I finally uploaded all of the pictures from our camera! This pictures is one of my favorites. I laid Emma down for a nap a few weeks ago and thought she was sleeping (hah!). When I went to wake her up because I had to go visiting teaching this was how she was dressed. When she went down for her nap she WAS in normal clothes but had dressed herself into this get-up. She was so proud of herself I couldn't bear telling her to dress back into her regular clothes. So, she came visiting teaching with me dressed like this! It was too cute so of course I had to take pictures.

I was so very grateful that Grandma Erickson came to the Emergency Room with Em and I when she broke her collar bone. Emma was such a big girl the whole time. She was really scared at first but calmed down quickly and the good ER doctor talked to her about Cinderella which made her feel much better! It has been a tough few weeks keeping that sling on her, but she has been such a good girl. In fact while she was playing with her (imaginary) "friend" Mermaid yesterday, she become very upset with her because "Mermaid" asked her to help her find some treasure, but Emma promptly told her, "I can't because I hurt my collar bone so I have to be careful." What a cutie, and what an imagination!

Ryan has been running very diligently the past few months training for the 5k race in Rexburg. All of the Erickson's ran the race and did awesome! I was very impressed with all of them and very proud of Ryan! He didn't do as well as he had hoped due to "too much fishing fun in Alaska" the week before, but I still thought he did great!

This was the only good picture I got of Emma on the 4th of July! Aunt Stacie made all of the girls matching skirts and they also had matching shirts as well. They were so cute! Emma had so much fun with her cousins, and I wish she would have had more time without a paranoid mommy :o) She broke her collar bone the 2nd day we were there so I was super protective and didn't let her have near as much fun as she could or should have! I hope next time we see them I won't have to be as paranoid of a broken bone so she can run and jump all she wants!

I love this picture of baby Adeline! Us "kids" went boating one day while Grandma & Grandpa Erickson took the grandkids to the zoo. It was tons of fun!

Aunt Kylie is the best! She laid down with Emma to get her to take a nap and they both zonked out. What a good aunt!


Nicholas and Ashley said...

what a fun trip to Idaho. I feel so bad that poor Emma broke her collar bone, poor thing. What a nice little girl she is to tell her friend that she can't find treasure because she broke her collar bone. Not much longer till she gets her sister her how exciting we wish you guys good luck!!

Camilla Smith said...

Starla! I found your blog! It is so cute. I loved the pictures, especially the one of Emma dressed up. That is such a girl! You have such a cute family. You should check out our blog it's
We love you guys and wish you lived up here closer.

Julie said...

Great post! Poor little Emma...I hope things are going better!

I'll have to give you a call or send an email...we are coming to Utah in a couple of weeks and would love to see you if you are up for it! If not, we totally understand. :) I hope all is going well with your pregnancy! Did you decide on a name yet?

Harmon Family said...

I love the first picture of her all dressed up. That is so cute.That is so her too. Good luck with the naps. Zoey hasn't been wanting to take them as well, except she gets ALL of her books out and reads them all. She LOVES books.

Bunnell's said...

oh lil miss starla...I can't believe i found your blog! I have one of your family members in my ward! Crazy and small world. They seriously live like 4 or 5 houses away from me:)

What a beautiful family you have! So fun to see you on here! Keep in touch!

Nikki (Harris) Bunnell