Friday, December 7, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday and I turned 24! It was a good day, except for a darn cold, but Ryan brought me home a dozen roses and a can of Almond Roca, yum! He took Emma shopping with him Wednesday night and they had a lot of fun. I had no idea what to ask for, so poor Ryan didn't have a whole lot to go on, so last night he took me shopping and I picked out my present, a new TV stand. I love it, it matches the side table and the couches. Plus I love having the movies and stuff behind glass, much less tempting for little fingers. I tried out a new girl for a babysitter and she was great, she brought Emma a Mickey Mouse coloring book with stickers for her to keep, she was really excited. We also went out to eat at a new place called Rumbi Island Grill. I think it is my new favorite place to eat, I am already craving more!My mom and dad gave me a new camera, it is really nice, and Mom and Dad Erickson gave me a really cute sweatshirt and a very generous gift card to Michaels!

All in all it was a good day. It was a little weird not celebrating it with my dad though, (we have the same birthday!) We did call and wish him happy birthday and Emma even sang Happy Birthday to him! Happy Birthday Dad!


Kim West said...

What is that TV for reals!! When did you guys get that thing! I am seriously jealous! Way to go guys! Love ya!

Starla Erickson said...

We got the TV a few months ago. Ryan really likes it!