Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We had so much fun yesterday! Emma is so stinkin' cute. She loved her Incredibles costumes and loved getting candy! First we went to Ryan's work to trick or treat. It was awesome, we got a ton of candy (oops I mean Emma got a lot of candy :), most full size candy bars. It was great! Then we went to the ward trunk or treat. Our ward is very small, so we usually combine with another ward in our stake, and they combine with the whole neighborhood. There were so many people, I was very surprised. I ran out of candy half way through, oops! But Emma received another bucket full of candy and had a blast! We parked next to some friends of ours and they have a little girl Emma's age and the two of them were a riot! Hope you all had a very enjoyful day, we sure did!

Emma before we left for trick or treating!

Trunk or Treating with friend Elise.

Emma is admiring her loot after daddy's work and trying to keep the kitty from stealing anything!


Kim West said...

What a Cheese!! She is so stinkin cute I can't get over it. I miss her!! Her costume fit her perfect that is aweosome. Sounds like you guys got spoiled this halloween,we didn't. We only got maybe half a little basket at our trunk or treat! Sad story!! :( Just know that I love you Starla, I am sorry to hear about your miscarriage. You are a good sport and have a lot to be grateful for. Hang in there. Love- Kim