Thursday, August 23, 2007

Visit with Aunt Shantel and Cousin Zoey in Idaho!

The first weekend in August my sister Shantel and her little girl Zoey flew in from Washington to Idaho. We made a trip up there to visit and stayed for a few days. We were so excited to see them! (We did miss Bryce though!) That Saturday I had my 5 year class reunion. I had a lot of fun, but poor Ryan probably didn't have as much fun. He was a great sport about it all which I really appreciated. It was fun to see everyone. The rest of the weekend we spent playing and having tons of fun seeing Zoey. She is getting so big! Emma had a lot of fun, with the exception of a few "Mine! Mine!" wars, she loved playing with Grandma and Zoey. We decided to get the girls pictures taken at JC was fun but neither was real cooperative. We did get a few cute snaps of them, so I will put those up later. The next day Shantel and I got our hair cut. Shantel's hair turned out super cute, mine on the other hand was kind of a nightmare. I brought a picture to show the girl how I wanted it cut, and needless to say it doesn't look anything like the haircut I wanted and much shorter. I can't wait to grow it out. From now on I am just sticking with my mom cutting my hair. We had so much fun visiting and really hope that Shantel and her family get to come and visit again sometime soon!