Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Princess Tent

Last week we had a ward temple night and decided to leave Emma at one of her friends house while us parents went to the temple. Emma loves to play at "Evie's" house because they have a lot of fun toys! Well, they happen to have a little Nemo playhut/tent, and Emma was having a really hard time parting with the tent so they let us borrow it for a few days. I knew that when we would eventually have to give it back to them, Emma would throw a fit. I looked online and found a cute little Princess Tent at Toys R Us that I went ahead and bought. It took a while to get here, but it was just in time! It is super cute and she likes to hide in the tent from the "monsters!" We are going camping for Labor Day weekend with the Erickson clan and Emma has decided that she needs to bring her "Princess Tent too!" We'll see how that goes! But all in all it was a great inexpensive investment for her to play in!